Extract Red Fruit Oil Papua

Processed Using A Special Machine So As To Produce Quality Medicine Without Cholesterol And Hygienic As Well As A Money Back Guarantee And Original Product Guarantee.

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Benefits Of Papua Red Fruit Oil Extract

✅Increase Stamina, Body Endurance Against Viruses
✅Helping Treatment of Cancer Pain (Lung, Breast, Cervix, Thyroid, Eyes, Liver, Brain, Mouth, Tongue)
✅Helping Treatment of Tumor Pain
✅Helping Treatment of Lung Pain,
✅Helping Treatment of Heart Disease, Stroke Pain,
✅Helping Treatment of HIV AIDS , Osteoporosis
✅Helping Treatment of Diabetes, Gout,
✅Helping Treatment of Rheumatism, Asthma, TBC (Tuberculosis),
✅Helping Treatment of Hernia, Hypertension, Hemorrhoids (Hemorrhoids).

Price List Of Papua Red Fruit Oil

✅Regular Size 500 ML is SGD $57
(* 500ML Normal Usage For One Month)
✅Size Small 100 ML is SGD $14
(* 100ML Normal Use For 7 Days)

Price List Of Papua Red Fruit Capsule

✅Size Regular 200 Capsule is SGD $27
(*200Cap Normal Use For 20Days)
✅Size Small 60 Capsule is SGD $9
(*60Cap Normal Use For 6Days)


Dosage Of Use Of Papua Red Fruit
Liquid Red Fruit Oil: 3 x 1 spoon
Capsule Red Fruit: 3 x 3-4 Capsule

Easy to Delivery

About Delivery Jakarta to Singapore, CV Cahya Indonesia uses private currier delivery services like DHL
Shipping costs

1,000 grams is SGD 13,4

Estimated Items Arrive About 5-8 Days

Item Weight Capacity

60 capsules weight = 80 grams
200 capsules weight = 230 grams
100ML weight = 110 grams
500ML weight = 550 grams

About Us

CV Cahya Indonesia, West Papua – Indonesia is a company that has experience in processing papua red fruit extract. Our office location is in Ruko Mediterania Ivory Apartment, Lobby A Utara GF-05A No.3, Jl. Gading Mediterania Hill, Klp. Gading Barat, North Jakarta City, 14240, Indonesia. Our factory location is at Jalan Merdeka No. 7, Manokwari, West Papua. We also accept bulk orders (Bulk Orders) with a product capacity of at least 1-10 tons per month. We have suppliers of raw materials from Jayapura, Nabire, Wamena, the FakFak Mountains, several other cities in Papua.

Certificate of Analysis Cahya Buah Merah Papua (COA) Indonesia
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