Some people might not know what is papuan red fruit oil is as this kind of fruit only grows in Papua. It means this red fruit is unique and rare in other areas. This fruit has so many advantages either for health or beauty treatment. Then, the red fruit can be consumed directly atau converted into oil.

What are The Facts?

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Fruit is a kind of food that is highly recommended for everybody to have a healthy life. It is because they have a lot of nutrients which are very useful for your body, including this papuan red fruit. Below are the facts about this fruit that you should know.

  1. Unique and Rare

Papua Red fruit is a kind of traditional food from Papua which is also called kuansu by the Wamena people. It has scientific name Pandanus Conoideus because this fruit is including pandanus family. The trees can reach up to 16 meters and the branch trunk is around 5 – 8 meters.

The trees of red fruit are supporting roots on the lower stem. The shape of red fruit is oval with buds covered by fruit leaves. It has a length of about 55 cm, 10 – 15 cm diameter, and weighs around 2 – 3 kgs. The colors are red, chocolate, and yellowish brown.

  1. The Functions

For people in Wamena, this red fruit is consumed as food at a stone burning traditional party. Besides, the people also use it as medicine. It has been consumed as medicine since a long time ago as the fruit has so many nutrients and they believe it is good to cure eye disease, skin, and intestinal worms.

  1. Nutritional Content

Buah merah fruit that has been spearheaded by Nicolaas Maniagasi since 1983 has so many nutrients which are very useful for your body. Those are vitamin C, vitamin A, antioxidants, protein, carbohydrates, calories, anthocyanins, alpha-carotene, and beta-carotene.

Those nutrients are very useful to support body health so that you will not have malnutrition. The good nutrition which is enough on your body will support all of your activities everyday.

  1. Can be Processed Into Oil

The extracted Indonesian Papua red fruit can be processed into oil that has so many advantages. Besides, the people also use it as flavoring and coloring food. The oil can be used also as medicine and support stamina. In fact, the food can be consumed directly also or processed into sauce.

  1. The Benefits for Health

Since this red fruit oil has so many nutrients, then the benefits for health are so many. It can be an antioxidant to avoid cancer cell growth. It helps to reduce the glucose level on the body and increase the function of insulin hormones.

Vitamin A can be very good for your eyesight. The hypertension risks can be reduced also as the tocopherol on this red fruit can improve blood circulation. Then, the risk of stroke and hypertension can be reduced.

Besides being very useful for health, the red fruit can be used also for body care products such as soap, shampoo, and body lotion. You can find this red fruit oil which has been extracted easily online.

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